CleanUp is a tool making uploads of WinBuilder projects easier.

Installation and first upload

UpToolsEx works in a clone of your WinBuilder installation directory.
  1. Create the clone
    • Create the clone directory, e.g. "C:\My_Project_Upload".
    • Create a subdirectory "UpToolsEx" in the clone directory
    • Download nativeex.exec-se.de/Download/Tools/UpToolsEx.zip and unzip completelly into "UpToolsEx".
    • Set the options of your WinBuilder project (selected scripts and interface options) to "Factory Settings" which allow a new user a successful and simple build after first download.
      The factory settings are necessary only for the very first upload. Later they are maintained by  UpToolsEx.
    • Copy the "Projects" directory of your WinBuilder installation into the clone directory.
      Remove all directories / files in the clone directory, which you do not want to upload.

  2. Setup UpToolsEx
    • Start UpToolsEx
    • Click the "Setup" button in the lower right.
    • Define the access data for your server
    • If you want to certify the files before upload, define the certify control file.
    • If you want to upload the files zipped, check the corresponding check box.

    • Click the "Save" button and exit by clicking "Done"
    • Define the paths in the main window
    • Define the projects to be uploaded by using the "Add / Remove project" combo box.

  3. Define your personal settings like origin directory and clone directory in the main window.

  4. Save the 'Factory settings' by clicking the button in the lower left.
  5. Do a first upload including creation of 'updates.ini' by clicking the 'Upload all files' in the lower middle.

More coming soon!

Currently the development stage is 'In The Begin'.
Download and documentation will be updated daily.

Update: 2010-NOV-02



Peter Schlang alias 'pscEx'